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Quick Sale … get them while they last.  Cache Lake is making room for more inventory and have discovered a few items that have passed their “best if used by” dates.  [NOTE:  We changed our wording on our packaging, changing from “sell by” dates to “best if used by” dates, without changing the dating guidelines.  Therefore, a majority of these products if labeled today by our “best if used by” dating would not be past their dates].

 A Word About “Best If Used by” and/or “Sell By” Dates:  “Sell by” and “Best by” dates do not mean that a product has “expired”.  The actual term “Expiration Date” refers to the last date a food should be eaten or used. Last means last — proceed at your own risk. … “Sell by” date. The labeling “sell by” tells the store how long to display the product for sale. … Best if used by (or before)” date. This refers strictly to quality, not safety. This date is recommended for best flavor or quality. It is not a purchase or safety date. (excerpt from: 5/4/15
Currently we have the following items marked down for quick sale.  If you want to buy these items, you will need to call our Manager Dick at 800-442-0852 between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM Central Standard Time.
 Currently there are no items available on clearance.  Check back for updates to this page.