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Creative Preparation Instructions

Other Great Ways to Prepare Cache Lake™ Foods.

Give the following ideas a try. We think you’ll like them.

Our soups already make two generous 16 oz. portions packed full of real food per package. However, you can make a complete meal or extend the number of servings by making some easy additions.

  • Serve our soup along with Wild Rice Salad. It’s guaranteed that these two in combination will fill up even the heartiest of appetites.
  • Have left over bacon from breakfast? Add it to any of the soups. It’s especially tasty in the cream soups.
  • Chunks of smoked sausage taste great in any of the soups, especially the Wild Rice Vegetable.
  • Imitation bacon bits (i.e.: Bacos) are easy to pack and taste great in any of the soups especially in the Cheesy Vegetable Chowder.
  • The Wild Rice Leek and Potato Soup is a great side dish when served with fresh battered fried fish.
  • Chunks of chicken breast added to Creamy Wild Rice Asparagus or Cream of Wild Rice soup is so good.
  • Of course chunks of fish added to Creamy Fish Chowder make the chowder. No fish? It’s great alone.
  • Adding chunks of turkey ham or cooked chicken breast to Wild Rice Salad makes a fantastic meal.
  • Smoked turkey added to the cream based soups or chowders makes one hearty meal.


Soak the rice and vegetable packages from Wild Rice Vegetable or Wild Rice Leek and Potato soups for six hours prior to cooking. Soak in one cup of water in a zippered plastic bag. Bring 3 cups of water to a boil and add the presoaked ingredients. Cook for ten minutes. Our soups and salads are great just as they are, but we invite you to use your imagination and our products to create new and exciting meals on the trail as well as at home. Give it a try and send us your best recipes.