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Cache Lake™ now offers to the public a line of food that has been specifically designed for trip outfitters.

You will find in this line of foods: basic meat, veggie and potato, pasta or rice entrees, breakfast items, desserts, and vegetable sides. Foods are packaged in two or four serving size packages, with each average serving size being larger than comparable products on the market.

Cache Lake’s™ standard of quality and taste has been maintained. The packaging isn’t pretty, but we happily pass the savings on to you. As this is an Overstock Outlet, not all items may be available at all times. When you receive your order of available items, don’t be surprised to find an outfitter’s name on the package.


End of season sale now until December 31 2018. 40% off your order. Use coupon code Deal2018. Some products may be close to their "Best Buy" date. Product is still safe for consumption but may lose a little flavor. Dismiss